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Featured Artist for December:
Jamie King (BTBAM, The Contortionist)
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Brody Uttley 
(Rivers of Nihil)
Sebastian Elizondo 
(Shattered Sun)
Alex Wade
How Does Tonecrate Work?
ToneCrate is a  digital crate service that delivers premium Kemper Profiles from top artists and producers each month!

We create profiles of their exact rigs using their favorite settings, pedals, and effects!  It's then sent directly to your inbox!

Here's how you get started!
  •  Step 1: Pick The ToneCrate that is right for you - Monthly or Annually
  •  Step 2: Download Your ToneCrate from Your email each month and enjoy the sickest tones!
  •  Step 3: Join our private Facebook ToneCrate Members Forum for fun and exclusive updates!
No Contracts. Cancel Anytime.
Pick the plan that suits you and your ToneCrate is delivered in minutes!
What's Inside A ToneCrate?
Guaranteed value of $35+ each month for those who are into producing music!

You will know the artists, but what comes in your ToneCrate will be a surprise!

What You'll Receive Each Month:
  •  Signature Artist Kemper Profiles: Their rig(s) and their playing become your profiles! Have you ever wished that you could get that super focused and tight sound that you hear from your favorite artists? Now you can. Our tones are crafted with the ultimate precision and will work in a variety of applications. You quest for great tones has come to an end. Each Artists pack will include a number of profiles based on their choice of tones featuring different settings custom and neutral, and/or different cabs and overdrives!
  •  Other Cool Stuff & Bonus Content: The mystery of what will be arriving in each months ToneCrate will be what make it fun for you! We don't want it to ever feel boring, so we guarantee to switch it up and throw extra stuff in there you will love. A true Crate of Tones every month!
Previous ToneCrate signature artists
Each month ToneCrate features new Signature Artist Kemper Bundles. 

When the new tones arrive, the previous tones go to the Vault!
David Coloma 
Phil Pluskota 
(Sonic Assault Studios)
Mack Damon 
(The Panic Division / Nothing More)
Jordan Valeriote 
(Silverstein / Auras )
Frequently Asked Questions
What comes in a ToneCrate every month?
Every month ToneCrate delivers signature artist Kemper profiles, and a few surprises. We cannot guarantee a set amount of profiles, because every artist has a different rig however you will always get signature rhythm tones, lead tones and clean tones. When possible we will get neutral settings in addition to the "signature artist" settings, so you can have some freedom to tweak the neutral amp sound to taste! When possible we will use different cab options as well.

What's the difference between the Monthly and Annual ?
Monthly Subscribers and Annual Subscribers recieve the same exact service. The only difference is that when you pay annually, it saves you a little money! 2 months free, to be exact!
What is a Signature Artist?
Signature Artists are individuals who are known and recognized in the industry. They're in bands you've heard of, or they've done cool things that have given them the spotlight and have experienced success in their endeavors. Signature Artists do not necessarily need to be signed to a major label, or touring the world to be featured, however we assure you they will have awesome tone!
Can I subscribe to ToneCrate if I don't own a Kemper Profiler?
Absolutely. We feel strongly that our signature artist drum sample collection is worth the price of our premium service each month, that you would get your moneys worth even if you don't own a Kemper Profiler! Owning a Kemper Profiler would allow you to reap the full benefits of our membership each month, and you can save all the tones for when you get one!
Can I subscribe to ToneCrate if I don't use a DAW or run a studio?
Yes! ToneCrate subscriptions are great for all creatives who enjoy the Kemper profiler, even those that aren't using them in a studio situation.
What happens if I don't want to be a member of ToneCrate anymore?
We hope you'll want to stay with us for awhile, but we understand things happen and situations change. When you register you are sent a link via email that is your link to use each month to download the files for ToneCrate.  From that link there is an option to change your service, or cancel. It's very simple.
Our service is 100% digital, once you sign up you are given instant access to the files for that month, therefore there are no refunds given for anytime or any reason, unless there was a software error on our behalf or a mistaken charge for a product you didn't purchase. 
ToneCrate is not affiliated with any amp or cabinet manufacturers. All Profiles are our representation of the sound created by the respective amp.

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